If you are a believer, then you have Christ Jesus living inside of you. You need to get to know Him in a deep, intimate way. You not only have Christ in you, you are also "in Christ". This means that you are also a part of His Body, the Church!

This glorious Christ is a corporate Christ with a Head and a Body (Col. 1:18). to know Him deeply means to know Him from within His Body (Eph. 3:16-19), not just as a lone individual believer. The context for living the Christian life was always designed by God to be lived out corporately. We can see a corporate God creating Man to be in his corporate image (Gen. 1:26). This "image" is expressed in local groups of believers who live by an indwelling Lord, not by their own lives. We call these "organic churches".

Our goal is to share this message in the spoken and written form, and to plant organic churches throughout the world. Please feel free to browse our site and enjoy this message in various forms!

The Rebuilders is the spoken and written ministry of Milt and Mary Rodriguez

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