"Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls filled with the seven final plagues came and spoke to me. He said, "Come with me! I will show you the bride, the Lamb's wife.

Then in the Spirit He conveyed me away to a vast and lofty mountain, and exhibited to me the holy city of Jerusalem descending out of heaven from God, clothed in God's glory in all it's splendor and radiance. The luster of it resembled a rare and most precious jewel, like jasper, shining clear as crystal. Revelation 21:9-11 (amp.)

There are two things which are very clear in this passage. One, the New Jerusalem is the bride, the Lamb's Wife. This city is the Ecclesia, the Church of the living God. Second, this city (the Church) is as a clear crystal. The Church is the sea of crystal! Remember I said that if white light is shined through a crystal, it bends the light to display all the colors of the spectrum. God shines His light (Life) through the Church (the crystal) so that all the colors of Who He is can be displayed to men and angels! This truly is glorious! Now many individuals make up this "sea" of crystal. And it could be said that each one displays a certain color. There is only one "crystal", yet it is made up of many individuals. Just like the Body has many parts yet is Just one Body. The coat of many colors is one "coat" yet it is made up of many "threads" which are tightly knit together. Each thread brings a certain shade of color with it. But here is a very important point:


You can't see the colors (individual believers) until you have a crystal (the ecclesia)! You see, my friend, you as an individual Christian belong in the Crystal! Without "Crystal Life" your true colors will never be seen! You can only display the glory of God in the context of a close-knit body of believers who have centered themselves on Christ.

Our Awkward Situation

You and I are in a day of recovery and restoration of God's purpose. Unfortunately, we must move backwards. We need to go from individualism to the corporate life. We must relocate ourselves from the worldly, self-centered, self-seeking, individualistic mindset and lifestyle to the Christ-centered, corporate interchange of first century style church life. This can only be done by His Life and grace!

You see, everything God does with individuals is supposed to come out of the environment of the "plural life". This is how He designed it. This is how it was in century one. You were baptized into one Body. Everything God does with you flows out of your life with the brothers and sisters. You learn to be a father because you can see your heavenly Father being displayed in the Body. You are part of a "corporate fatherhood". You learn to become a wife in the context of having been knit together with sisters. You are wives together! Children learn "family" by being in the daily life of the ecclesia. They have many mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, houses, lands, etc! This is the Church. This is the Crystal! When you have true life in the Crystal, then and only then, will you see your true colors. You will become a real person. The real you will come out! When this person comes out, He will be Christ in all His splendor and radiance!

"In order to have color, you must have a crystal!

Color by Absorption

Now back to our picture of physical light. Have you ever wondered why certain objects have certain colors? For instance, why is the sky blue? Why is a rose red or a tree green? It is because objects appear to have particular colors because they absorb certain parts of the color spectrum. Let me backtrack for a moment and explain that there are only three primary colors of light; red, blue, and green. All other colors are made up of mixtures and/or varying shades of these three colors. A flower appears to be yellow because it absorbs blue light rays. If you take blue out of the spectrum, you're left with red and green. Red and green mixed together make yellow! Absorption is what makes the difference.

The scriptures tell us that as we behold the Lord, we are transformed (transfigured)(see II Cor. 3:18). As we behold or absorb certain aspects (colors)of our Lord, we then reflect other colors as a part of the coat of many colors. The more your soul absorbs Him Who is in your spirit, the more of His nature (color) you can express. The Lord has chosen to express Himself in a particular way through you. This expression is totally unique in every way. Let's say that one saint has a real passionate way of expressing Christ. This believer displays the zeal or passion of the Lord. Let's just say that this saint is the color red. Another believer expresses the Lord's life in an abundant way. This, we could say, is a saint who is green (for life). When these two saints begin to share the Lord's fellowship together, something really beautiful happens. A new color is formed! Red (passion) + Green (life) = Yellow (joy!)

We now have joy! You see, when the threads of this coat are sewn together new colors emerge! A new personality emerges. In fact, a new Person emerges.

Her name is Ecclesia! Christ in You!

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