My name is Fred. I happen to be a worm. No, I mean that quite literally.

I am an insect, a worm. I was born that way a long time ago. This is who I am. I'm a worm. I'm Fred . . . the worm.

I come from a long line of worms. My parents were worms, and their parents, and their parents. This is my destiny. This is my lot in life.

One day while I was crawling through the weeds, foraging for some leaves to eat, I decided to stretch my long, slinky body. Well, it just so happened that my head turned in an unusual position and I saw something so beautiful that I could hardly believe my squinty little eyes. I saw what appeared to be a massive blanket of blue stretching out all around the weeds. It almost looked, for a moment, that the blue went on forever. But that, of course, is impossible.

Well, from that day on, I knew that I would have to discover what that blue stuff was because it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.

So I decided to find out just what this big blue stuff was. I crawled over to the next weed patch and asked around over there but no one knew anything. In fact they kind of acted like I was crazy for even asking.

You see, we worms pretty much mind our own business. We are way too busy to think about such crazy ideas. I mean, after all, we have to find our next patch of weeks to feed on. We keep our noses down to the ground so that we don't miss any leaves that could feed us for the next week or so. No one ever stretches like I did that day. There's no time for that. So I can understand why the other worms looked at me funny.

But I know what I saw. And I just had to find out about the blue stuff. I don't know why. So I went back to my weed patch and decided to ask the old wise worm of the patch. Surely he would know. And guess what? He did! He told me that the blue stuff was called "Up" but that it was only a legend and no one had actually ever proven its existence. As the legend goes, the Up was a beautiful place - wonderful beyond imagination. It had no end, and there existed a race of creatures that could actually live and move in the Big Blue Up. But it was only a legend - the stuff of dreams and overactive imaginations.

But yet . . . I knew what I saw. And something inside of me was driving me on to find out more. I knew what I had to do. I would have to stretch again. But this time, I would stretch much further, as far as I could so that I could see more of the Big Blue Up.

So I went and found myself a weed patch that was pretty much abandoned. All of the good leaves had been eaten and there was no one around. In fact, it was very quiet and this was the perfect day. This was it. This was my chance!

So I began stretching, further, and further, and further. Then, my head turned and I could see it: the Big Blue Up. It was wonderful! And it did seem to go on forever. I couldn't take my eyes away from it, yet the stretching was becoming more difficult.

Then, all of a sudden, I saw something move in the Big Blue Up. It looked like something alive but it was just out of my site now. So I stretched even further to see this wonder. And when I did, my eyes beheld the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. It was covered with bright colors and was making some kind of fluttering movement. It was so fascinating to watch.

Then, suddenly, it stopped moving and rested on a blade of grass. Now I could see its beauty even better WOW! What a creature! The legends are all true! Then a thought entered my mind. I couldn't help myself. I just had to do it! I had to speak to him.

"What are you?" I asked.

He turned his head downward and looked my way. "I'm a Flyer," he said. "Yes, I live in the Big Blue Up.

Then I thought to myself, this is the perfect creature to live in the Big Blue Up. A glorious creature for a glorious place! And then I thought, "Oh well, what does that have to do with me."

Then, as if he read my thoughts, the Flyer spoke again. "Fred, this is the place where you belong."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Fred, you have the heart of a Flyer. In fact, the Flyer Life Seed has been placed within you." "You are a Flyer!"

Fred's heart leapt within him at the sound of these words. Could it be, he thought. Could it be true? Something within him got so excited at the possibility.

But then he realized . . .

"Wait a minute, I'm just a worm. I was born a worm and I will always be a worm. What a stupid Flyer. He doesn't know anything. And besides, this stretching is really starting to get to me. Worms were never meant to stretch."

"I need to get back to my weed patch and scrounge up some leaves."

The above is an excerpt from the book: The Butterfly in You: Discovering Your True Identity in Christ.

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