"For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power."
Colossians 2:9, 10

The Colossians had a problem. They did not have the full assurance of understanding into the full knowledge of the mystery of God, which is Christ (see Col. 2:2). They had not yet received Christ as their All. They were being distracted by things such as angels, visions, philosophy, and the law because Christ was not yet their fullness. Paul wrote this letter to give them more understanding into the full knowledge of God's mystery, which is Christ.

Most Christians seem to have the same problem today.

Christ: the Fullness of God

God has placed all that He is inside of Christ. Paul says that the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Him. Christ is the fullness of God! This statement should startle you. The Father has made the Son His everything, His All. He has invested all of His life, power, love, authority, wisdom, knowledge, and glory into His Son. He has invested everything in Christ. All the riches of God are stored up in Christ. All of the Father's thought, plans, and purposes are deposited into Christ. You could say that Christ is the All of God. The fullness is of all that God is has been placed into Christ.

Paul shared this with the Colossians to help them realize where they were missing it. If God Himself has made the assessment that Christ is His everything, then who are we to make any lesser assessment? If Christ is sufficient for the Father in all things, they who are we to think that He is not sufficient for us? All the fullness of God rests in Christ. This is God's assessment. This is God's estimate. Who are we to disagree?

Our Lack of Understanding

Today, like the Colossians, we lack the understanding of the full assurance that is in Christ. We are constantly gong after other "things" instead of pursuing Christ. The problem is that we hear the Word of God, we know it, but we do not understand it. It is only after we have the understanding that we can practically apply what we have heard.

The scriptures teach us that Christ is the focal point of all understanding. (Col. 1:19) It is absolutely vital that we get God's perspective on all matters. What is God's viewpoint? Where is God's viewpoint? According to the scriptures, God's viewpoint comes from inside of Christ. That's because God's fullness is found in Christ. Therefore, in order to see things as God sees them, we need to understand everything in Christ, from Christ, through Christ, and to Christ. Without this, you cannot understand anything properly.

Unless you see Christ, you only have the shell of an understanding. He is the content, the core of all understanding. The proper understanding, therefore, is to see Christ as all and in all. This can only come from having our minds renewed. This should be the only way that we approach the scriptures. We do not approach the scriptures in order to find out what God wants us to do or not do. We do not approach the scriptures as an instruction manual for living. We do not approach the scriptures in order to gain bible knowledge. We approach the scriptures to see Christ! He is the focus of all the scriptures (Luke 24:25-27).

The Colossians lacked the full assurance in their apprehension of Christ so they were being tricked by the enemy. Some of the believers were looking elsewhere, other then to Christ.

How Big is Your Christ?

We need to have an ever widening, an ever deepening revelation and understanding of Christ. Our minds need to be renewed to the point that He becomes our All. He must become the all-inclusive Christ to us. Christ is our sun! Christ is our moon! Christ is our day! Christ is our rest! Christ is our peace! Christ is our everything!

Christ as Our Fullness

What does it mean to have Christ as our fullness? It means that He becomes your point of reference for all things. He becomes the focus of all things. He becomes your one and only relationship to all things. If Christ is not the focal point then nothing will work properly in your Christian life. It's just like the operating system in a computer. If the operating system (like Windows) isn't working right, then nothing else on your computer will work right. The operating system is the core and center for the whole computer. Everything runs by and through the operating system.

If I am not interacting with Christ in all things, then I must be interacting with something else. Usually, we interact with our own feelings, thoughts, outward circumstances, right and wrong, how we measure up (or don't!) and these things are our point of reference, our focal point, our center.

When Christ is your fullness, then He has the first place in everything. He is the "place" out from which you do everything that you do. He is your environment in which you live, breathe, and move. This is what it means to be "in" Christ. When Christ is your fullness (your All) then you don't know how to handle yourself. You don't know how to handle sin. You don't know how to handle your outward circumstances. But you don't have to! Christ has already handled all these things and more. Your part is just to fellowship with Him.

Christ as Our Focus

You will become whatever you focus on. Whatever you make your center, whatever you give all of your attention to, that is what you will become. If you want to become a lawyer, then you must devote all of your time and attention to the law. The law must become your focus, your center. Then you will become the law! You will become a law-yer.

When Christ becomes your focus, then He becomes your All. You see all things through His eyes. You live by His life instead of your own.

The Handling Center

We all have problems. The question is, how do you handle those problems? If Christ is not your fullness then you will handle a problem with something other than Christ. Usually, we handle a problem with our self life. Usually, we take that problem and make it our center. We examine it, analyze it, and try to figure out a solution. We are handling this problem with our own center of our powers of human reasoning.

When Christ is our fullness, then He becomes our "handling center." We handle all things by turning to Christ. We do not engage the problem. We engage Christ. We fellowship with Him because He is always our focus and center. He is the fullness of all things to us.

"For it pleased the Father that in Him all the fullness should dwell . . ." Col. 1:19

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