Our story begins in a land without physical substance and where time never existed. The setting for our story is a time where there is no place and a place where there is no time. A place before place and a time before time. Yet before has no meaning here. There is no before or after. There is only God. There is neither here nor there. There is only God. He is all. There is nothing outside of Him. But of course, nothing does not exist either. There is only God. It's not that there is God and then the vast void of nothingness. There is only God. And He is all that exists.

The Fellowship

Within the All is a Father and a Son. That is the Father and the Son: the only ones that exist. The Father loves His son with such great love that words cannot even come close to an honest description. His great passion for His Son is so intense that we cannot even imagine the depths of such a great love. This love cannot be measured in height or depth, or width, or breadth. It is beyond any dimension that we have ever experienced. The intensity of this love is also beyond measure not only in quantity, but also in quality. This love pours forth out of the Father as a mighty rushing river. This love pours forth without end.

This divine love is the result of a continuous flow of life coming from the Father to the Son. This love is nothing less than the Father giving the Son His very own life! The Father's life is always being poured out into the Son. The Father gives his life away freely. He gives away His life completely, without any thought of holding back a reserve. Withholding anything from the Son never even crosses the Father's mind. His only thought is; how can I give Him more? How can I exalt Him higher? How can I glorify Him? How can I give Him more of Myself? That is what the Father was doing all of the time. In other words the Father gave all of His life all of the time! Somehow He was always giving all of it away yet there always remained the fullness to continue giving all. This is because the quality of divine life is eternal. The Father is eternal, so His life must be eternal. His life, is in essence, Himself. Herein is love born: the giving away of life to another. This love is simply the life of the Father being given away to His Son. The Father loves the Son by giving away Himself to the Son. This is tremendous!

The loss of life for another = love

There is something else which is fascinating about the Father's love The more the Father gave away Himself, the more He loved the Son. It seems as if the very act of giving His life away generated this great flood of love. The more He gives His life away, the more He loves. This giving results in a continuous flow of divine life, and thus love, to the Son.

Now something began to happen which the Father never expected; something which caused the Father's love to be multiplied billions upon billions of times; something which widened and deepened the river of His life flow to the Son even more. Something began which caused so much delight in the heart of the Father that He could barely contain Himself.

The Son began giving the love back to the Father!

All of the life, love, and fellowship that were welling up inside of the Son began to flow back to the Father. The Son is so in love with the Father that His only thought is to give all of Himself to the Father all of the time. The Son takes all of the life He gets from the Father and returns it back to Him. The Son receives the life of the Father, lives by that life, and then gives it back to the Father. But when He gives it back, something has changed. The life that He receives from the Father has now changed because that life is now part of the Son. The Son has His own distinct personality. So the life that He now returns to the Father is "flavored" with His own personality. You can say that the Son marinades the life from the Father with His own distinctiveness and then returns it to the Father. This excites and delights the Father to no end. In fact, the Father becomes so pleased and so delighted that another element is added to the fellowship of the Godhead.


Now the love, life, and joy are swelling up within the Godhead like a giant tidal wave. The Father is so pleased with the Son. He must find a way to express this life and love and joy that He is experiencing with His Son. There must be an "outlet" for this awesome fellowship.

The Father decides that he wants to present a gift to His Son. But what could He possibly give him that He has not already given? He is already giving Him all of His life and love. He is constantly pouring out all His life to His dear Son. He is giving Him everything. He is giving Him all of Himself. What more could He possibly give? The Father broods over this question; how can He express the great love and joy that He has for His Son? How can this be done? He broods and broods and broods over this question. The genius and imagination of God go to work.

The Coat

The Father forms a plan that is so ingenious, so imaginative, so original, so expressive, and so magnificent, that in its entirety, it became the heart passion and purpose of the Father! You could say that this purpose became His obsession. This purpose is perfect. This purpose is the thing driving the heart of the Father. This purpose is the complete fulfillment of the Father's desire to express His full satisfaction in and with His dear Son. This purpose is what makes God tick, so to speak. So God began to put His plan into motion. The first phase of His plan was to do something that He had never done before.

He decided to create.

But in a sense, this is not creation at all, but rather a building with un-creation. Creating realms, and things, and beings was also part of the plan, but that would come a little later. Right now, the Father wanted to build something with the uncreated life of His Son. Like I said, His plan was ingenious! He is going to "fashion" this gift for the Son by bringing it forth out of the Son Himself. What could be more expressive of the Son than His very own life? The Father would have no imitation. The Father could not accept a mere copy or cheap clone of the Son. This gift had to actually be the Son, expressed visibly.

So the Father began to pull out portions of the Son's life and use them as building material for His glorious new object. He fashioned these portions of the Son's life into material that could be woven together by the Father's hand. He picked up the needle of the Holy Spirit and the uncreated life of the Son and began to knit together the most beautiful, indescribable, incredibly glorious, tremendously brilliant coat. A coat of many colors! This coat, or robe, was made with the material supplied by the Son and the craftsmanship of the Father. The Father did the knitting, the Spirit was the needle he used, and the multicolored threads were found within the Son. The individual threads were made up of individual portions of the Son's life that had been called and chosen by the Father. He marked them off and gave each one of them names and even wrote their names down! Each thread had its own distinct hue, yet each came out of the Son. The threads each had their own brilliant color. There was ruby red, and emerald green, and sapphire blue, and jasper, topaz, pearl and gold.

The Threads

The threads had done nothing to achieve this state of blessedness. They had not labored hard and long to acquire the Father's pleasure and satisfaction. They had not earned a degree or any kind of credentials to qualify them for such a position. They had not won the approval of their fellow threads in order to achieve recognition or a higher level of status. They had done nothing! They were just threads! But remember from where they had come. Remember the material that was used to bring forth the threads. It was the very life of the Son Himself!

The Material

The material that the Father used to form the threads is beyond description. Everything that I have described to you so far about the fellowship between the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit is contained within that material! The relationship is not only contained within that material, but is also the main activity of that material. This fellowship is the basis and foundation for all relationship. The main activity going on inside of God is the energy that empowers all relationships. There is no relating outside of this activity. The exchange and flow of life, love, joy, and communication between the members of the Godhead is the headwaters or life source of all relating.

The material that is used to form the threads for this magnificent coat is saturated with this fellowship! This fellowship is going on continuously within the threads. Because each thread has been made of the substance taken out of the Son, the very life of each thread is in constant contact and participation with this fellowship. Even when the threads aren't aware of it, it's still going on. It is just simply the nature of the life within them. He who has the Son, has life.

This article is an excerpt from the book entitled: "The Coat of Many Colors" written by Milt Rodriguez. You can order a copy of the complete book by clicking here.

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