Jesus told us in John chapter 10 that He was the Door and that we could enter in through Him and find pasture. We could go somewhere called "pasture" by entering through Him. What in the world was He talking about? I'll give you a little hint; it has nothing to do with this world! In Ephesians 1:3 Paul tells us that all of our spiritual blessings are in the heavenly places which are in Christ. There are "blessings" or riches which are waiting to be enjoyed by us in another realm called "the heavenly places", and these places are found in Christ! If we look at both of these passages in scripture together (John 10 & Eph. 1:3), we can begin to see something which is tremendous! YOU AND I, AS BELIEVERS, CAN ACTUALLY ENTER INTO ANOTHER REALM BY MEANS OF JESUS CHRIST! I'm not talking about after we die, I'm talking about right now! Could this be possible? How?

God has placed inside of you a special organ (or vehicle) which is called your spirit. Your spirit comes from the other realm. Even though it is in this physical realm, it is also in the spiritual realm at the same time! Jesus Christ lives in your spirit. The other realm is inside of Christ. This means that the heavenly places are actually inside of you! Now, how do we enter in? Jesus said, "I am the Door". If Christ is the Door, then what is the key?

Fellowship with Him is the key!

It is only as we learn to have deep, intimate communion with Him that we can enter into the heavenly places (the eternals, heavenlies, heaven, the kingdom, etc.) You see, my friend, Jesus Christ is the other realm! Everything we experience there is Christ. Everything we see there is Christ. Everything we touch there is Christ! HE IS THE ALL! Jesus tells us in John 3 that the only way to see and enter the kingdom is to be born from above. We were born into another realm when we received Christ. We were then placed back into this physical realm and can only go back into the kingdom through a Door! Christ is that Door, and He is on the inside knocking! The Door swings out toward you and can only be entered by direct fellowship with Him.

Dear believer, there are whole other universes which are waiting to be explored inside your Lord! These are the eternal places which have no end. There are adventures waiting to be experienced by you in Christ.

What are you waiting for?

Let the fellowship begin!

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