"For He delivered us from the authority of darkness, and transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of His love"  (Col. 1:13 {literal translation}).

As you all know, the New Testament speaks quite a bit about something called "the kingdom of God." Jesus preached this kingdom. So do the twelve apostles, the seventy, Paul and his co-workers. This kingdom is multi faceted wonder. It has many aspects and can be explored to unlimited depths. I would like to just briefly touch upon one of those aspects in this article.

Kingdom of What?

First of all, I think we all know what a kingdom is. Literally, it is the 'domain' of a 'king'; king-domain or kingdom. A domain is a place or realm. So the kingdom of God is the place or realm where He is King. I have heard this definition many times yet it has always left me wanting more.

This kingdom is of God. In other words, this is the realm where everything is of God. There is nothing in this place that is not of God. This realm is saturated with God. God is the very fabric of the existence of this place. You could say that every molecule in this sphere is filled with the essence of God. Except that there are no molecules in this place! This is a place of spirit, not matter. The air, the water, the whole environment is a manifestation of who God is. In fact, this kingdom is God! This kingdom is within God and can only be entered by those who are born of God.

The Domain of His Love

Now let's get more specific. The scriptures tell us that He (the Father) has transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of His love. Here we can see that this kingdom exists within the realm of the particular member of the Godhead - The Son. That's why Jesus could tell people that the kingdom of God was very near. Because He was there! This kingdom exists within the Son of God and we are transferred into this kingdom when we are born from above. We have been transferred into Christ!

Spiritual Birth

In order to become a part of God's family, you don't have to wash the windows and scrub the floors! There are no "adoption" papers to sign to make everything legal. That is only necessary when the "adoption" is based on the law and the child will only be joined to the parents legally and not naturally. In God's household, children must be born into the family. They must be His blood kin! You must be born from above (Jn. 3).

The New Relationship

But what does this mean? How has this kingdom transfer changed our relationship to God?

Well before this transfer took place, we were under the "authority of darkness." We really had no relationship with God because we were under the authority of the evil one. (I know this sounds very elementary and obvious, but please bear with me for a minute.)

Now that we have been transferred into the kingdom of the Son of His love, God only relates to us through this realm. God will meet us where we're at. Now, He meets with us and relates to us on the basis of the place where we now live - in His Son! We stand on the ground of His Son, so everything God says or does with us is based upon that ground.

Christ is our realm, so we are enfolded in every dimension of His relationship to the Father. His relationship to the Father is our relationship to the Father because we are in Him! The Father relates to us in Christ. The fullness of the relationship between the Father and Son is ours to enjoy! Is that not glorious? How more wonderful can it get?

Because we now live in this Christ-realm or kingdom of God, all of the aspects of the Father's love for the Son are now ours as well! Not only that; this kingdom is the Son of His love. The kingdom that the Son lives in is the love of the Father! Christ lives in the realm of His Father's love. He eats, drinks, and breathes His Father's love. And since Christ is our realm, so do we!

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