"Nor do we act like Moses, who put a veil over his face so that the Israelites might not gaze upon the finish of the vanishing (Splendor which had been upon it)". 2 Cor. 3:13

Itís sad to say, but most believers today have no conception of an internal walk with the Lord. They donít know that there is a way (Christ) who lives within them. The Lord lived on this earth by an internal walk with His Father. This was His secret (?), you could say. He lived by the life of another. This "other" resided within Him. So we can see that His internal walk proceeded His external walk with His Father.

Believers today try to use external stimuli, circumstance, exercises, rituals, and environments to bring an internal change. This can never happen! The internal must always preceed the external.

The perfect example of this in the scriptures is the story of Moses and his veil. He went up the mountain to meet with the Lord. What a glorious event! A man meeting face to face with God! Well, needless to say, this meeting instituted a great change in the man called Moses. When he came down off that mountain, they could hardly recognize him! His face shone with the glory of God.

Seeing the Lord

I would like you to take note here that it was "seeing" the Lord that brought the change to the face of Moses.

But what of the veil?

If the face of Moses was so glorious, then why did the Israelites put a veil over this face? Paul gives us a clue in 2 Cor. 3:13 when he says that it was a glory that was vanishing. But why did it vanish? Paul also explains in the same chapter that the ministry of the "letter" was temporary while the ministry of the spirit is lasting. Why?

Itís all within

Simply stated, what is external is temporary, while the internal is eternal. This is why the glory of Moses faded, it was external. Moses had met with the Lord externally, not internally. So there was a change, but that change was only temporary. Real, lasting change can only come from the internal meeting with Him!

Paul goes on to explain in 2 Cor. 3:18 that it is by "beholding" the Lord that transformation takes place. And this "beholding" happens internally (in spirit).

In other words, in Christ the veil has been taken away!

When one turns to the Lord (internally) then there is no need for a veil because the change that happens externally will last forever.

Christians think that by going to church, reading their bibles, praying, tithing, witnessing, etc. they will become better Christians. Impossible!!! Moses (the external) can never bring lasting change.

Brothers and sisters, itís time for us to stop trying to be better Christians! Haven't you learned by now that it just doesn't work? There must be another Way! What we have traditionally done is examined the life of Christ while He was here on earth and then try and imitate what He did. That's ridiculous! Do you know why?

Because it wasn't Him that did those things!

The one Who is responsible is the Father!

Yes, but how could the Lord Jesus allow the Father to live out His life through Him so freely? To answer this, we will need help from our friend Moses.

Remember the experience that Moses had with the Lord? He met with Him on the mountain top and "saw" Him with his eyes. This changed the face of Moses so that all could see it. The problem is that it was only temporary because the experience had all been on the outside. In other words; Moses only saw the Lord on the outside, so therefore, the change that took place only happened on the outside. The Lord Jesus saw (beheld) His Father internally, and therefore, a change had taken place internally. When a change takes place internally, then the external change will just be a naturally flowing result!

So, we can see that our Lord had an internal walk with His Father which, by the way, He refers to quite a bit (especially in the Gospel of John!). This internal fellowship with the Father was in direct contrast to the external ritualism of the Pharisees. This is why the Pharisees had such a problem with Jesus; He just never did measure up to their standards!

Yes, it's time for us to learn to walk in another realm called spirit. That realm exists within us. Let's learn to go there and meet with the Lord. Then our experience will not be like Moses, but rather, the transformation that results will be eternal!

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