This excerpt taken from the new book: "The Temple Within"

Before time and space, before man, even before creation, there was a place of fellowship inside of the living God. There was a temple inside of the Godhead. This is the place where God meets with God. This fellowship is made up of three Persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Of course, I am speaking here of a time before there was time - in a place before there was any place except for inside of God. This meeting place, or "temple" existed inside of God Himself and this is the place where the Persons of the Godhead would meet. (Of course, I am speaking here in human terms because of the weakness of our understanding.)

It was here, in this sacred temple that God would engage in the most ancient of all activities. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit would have "fellowship" with one another. This word "fellowship" comes from the Greek word "koinonia" which literally means: communion, sharing in common, communication, and partnership. The members of the Godhead were "sharing in common" three main things: their life, their love, and their communication.

The Life of God

The Father is called the "Father" because all life flows forth from Him. His divine life flows from Him to the Son and through the Holy Spirit. His life is the essence of who He is. So in other words, He completely gives all of Himself to the Son. This transfer of divine life flows through the "conduit" of the Holy Spirit. God is Spirit, so everything that happens in Him, happens in and with Spirit.

The Son receives the life of the Father. He takes that life and then lives by that life. You could say that He "feeds" upon that life. (John 6:57) The Father is the Son's Daily Bread. He continually lives by "feeding" upon the life of His Father. He also returns this same life to the Father. One of the main ingredients of fellowship is giving. There is a continual giving away of life that is happening inside of the Godhead. The Father gives away all of His life to the Son and then the Son turns around and gives back all of that life to the Father. The Son gives back the only life He has ever known; the Father's life!

The Love of God

This divine exchange and interchange of life is happening continually within the temple of God. The giving away of one's life creates another element within this sacred fellowship; divine love! When the Father pours out His life into His beloved Son, then the love of God roars out like a lion. The Father holds back nothing. He does not reserve a little life for Himself for later. He completely gives His all to the Son. He gives Him everything that He is. Then the Son does the same. He gives the Father everything that He is in return. This total giving, this total sharing, this total communion, this total emptying of one's self for another is the very essence of divine love. The Father does not consider His own loss. The Son does not consider His own loss. The Spirit is the great "exchanger" of this flow of fellowship and does not consider His own loss in this exchange either. The only thought of each Person is for the well being of the other Persons. There is no room for self-centeredness or even self-consciousness here in this fellowship. Each Person in this community of Three is only concerned for the happiness of the others. This loss of life for another is the substance of divine love.

The Communication of God

Of course, the communication between the members of the Godhead goes much deeper than words. We are speaking of a fellowship that precedes any spoken or written language. Communication means to share or exchange ideas and information. The exchange of life and love that happens within this fellowship is much deeper than merely sharing information, to say the least. They are sharing their lives with one another! They are revealing all that They have and all that They are to one another. So this "naked" love is a total unveiling or revelation of each of Their lives to one another. You could say that They communicate through revelation to one another. It's not just a telling, but it's a showing or a revealing of all that They are to one another. This total giving, sharing, exchanging of life and love, and communication is the "stuff" that makes up the fellowship of the Godhead.

You may need to stop reading for a while and absorb these things that I have been sharing.

The Fellowship Continues On Earth

Fellowship is the main activity within the Godhead. Even though the members of the Godhead may engage in other activities, the fellowship is always flowing. It is like a mighty torrential flow of water - a river that never stops streaming in the heart of God. It is the foundation for everything that God does. It is the foundation for all of His thoughts and all of His plans. Your God is a Community of three Persons. Fellowship is the "glue" that holds that Community together. That fellowship has been going on since before eternity. Everything God does issues forth as a result of that fellowship.

That fellowship was so wonderful and so glorious that it needed to be shared. Total sharing of life and love was (and is) happening within the Community but God wanted to share it outside the Community as well. The Father desired to have more children who would be patterned after His only begotten Son. With this family, He would share His fellowship. The same life, love, and communication would flow within the Godhead to His other sons and daughters. For this reason, He created. For this reason, He sent His beloved Son to the earth.

We can see, if we have eyes to see, the fellowship of the Godhead continue in the earthly life of Jesus of Nazareth. We can see the Father giving Him life, and love, and communicating with Him through the Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus lived by the life of the Father who dwelled within Him. The Father was His Good shepherd. The Father was His Manna from heaven. The Father was His True Vine and He produced fruit because of the divine life flowing in His veins. The Father was His Life and Resurrection. The Father was His Door to the other realm. The Father was His All and He could do nothing apart from Him. He continually drew upon His Father's life within Him to do His work. The words He spoke were the Father's words. The works He performed were the Father's works. Even though He could fellowship with the Father all the time, sometimes He needed to withdraw from people so He could be alone with His Father. His Father was calling Him away; away to fellowship together as they had done throughout eternity. This "calling away" was done by and through the Holy Spirit.

We need to see that the fellowship of the Godhead was the foundation and source for everything Jesus did and said. When He spoke, His words did not come from a vacuum. He didn't just pluck those words from out of the air. Everything He said came from deep experience within the Godhead. Everything He did issued forth out of His experience in eternity past from within the fellowship of the divine Community.

When He said, "I am the Bread of life," He was speaking from past experience. He already had a long resume filled with experiences of being and receiving daily bread from within His community. He had already experienced receiving the Father's life as His daily sustenance. He had already experienced giving this "bread" back to the Father and feeding Him with His very own life. He had already experienced the Spirit as His "table" and the one Who would be the conveyor of this life. He knew all about the Real bread! He knew what He was talking about. He knew from experience.

It's important that we see that Jesus was not really trying to "teach" us. What He shared with His disciples and with the crowds were not teachings. They were testimonies! He was sharing His own experiences. He was sharing His own experience of koinonia from within the community of the godhead. Before He came to earth, this was His life. This fellowship was everything to Him. He came to earth to expand the fellowship. He came to earth to give this life to us.

The Temple Comes to Earth

While here on earth, the Father met with the Lord Jesus in a "secret" place which was hidden away from the eyes of the world. This "temple" was in a place called spirit; the human spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. The meeting place for the Father and Him was inside of His spirit. The temple was now located inside of the Lord's ribcage! The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit now met inside of the human spirit of Jesus of Nazareth. The fellowship never stopped. The location of the temple changed but not the substance. The essence was the same; spirit. The Father was dwelling inside of this temple just waiting for Jesus to come to Him so that they could continue their sweet fellowship together. Nothing in this world could effect this fellowship because it existed in another realm altogether. Nothing could hinder or destroy this community because the prying hand of the world could not reach this place. He told the Pharisees that if they tore down the temple that in three days He would raise it up. They were thinking about the physical temple made of stone that was standing before them. They couldn't see that the real Temple was standing before them; the Christ!

This was the Father's place of refuge. This was His place of rest and quiet. This was His home! The life that Jesus lived was activated and energized by this internal fellowship with His Father. We have, in most part, failed to see this in modern day Christianity. We live out our Christian lives by the "power" of our doctrines, creeds, activities and programs. We live by our knowledge of the bible, or our devotion to certain projects. But how much do we know of an inward fellowship with an indwelling Lord? How well do you know the Christ who lives within you?

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