""The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want . . ."

After the Lord was crucified and resurrected, He appeared to the saints for about fifty days and then was ascended back to the Father. It was after that, that He sent the Spirit to indwell the church. The Spirit came as the embodiment of Christ so that He could fulfill His promises to us. He came to indwell us. He came to be our food and drink. He came to supply us with His life on a continuous basis.

The First Shepherd

The Father had already been a Shepherd to the Son from before eternity. The Father laid down His life for the Son. In fact, He is always giving away His life to His Son. This is why He is called the "Father." He is eternally "begetting" the Son. He has only one begotten Son, yet that word has no reference to time. He is continuously begetting the Son. He is continuously pouring out His life into His Son.

He is the pasture where the Son lives. He is the "environment" of the Son, and this environment provides everything that the Son needs. He is the Son's green pasture. The Father is the life supply for the Son. He is His food and He is His drink.

He is the "home" of the Son. The Father is the place where the Son can relax and just be Himself. The Father is His shelter, sanctuary, and place of refuge. The Father is His rest, His Sabbath.

The Son is the Father's name personified. The Son is the full expression of the Father's life, including His holiness and righteousness. We can see the Father's true self displayed in the Son. The Father has set a table before the Son in the presence of their enemies. The table is the place of feasting. The table is the Holy Spirit. They are continuously feasting with one another in the Spirit. The Father has set the Son up as the "anointed" one, the Christ.

And the Father's house is the Son. And the Son's house is the Father, for they are complete in perfect oneness. And the feasting will continue forever.

The Shepherding Expands to Earth

Now, the Anointed One brings His experience with the Father and Spirit to the earth. He shares of His fellowship within the community of the Godhead. He comes to share the same divine life with men. He comes to freely give away that relationship and fellowship in which He has partaken inside of God throughout eternity. This feasting with the Father, this fellowship in the Spirit, this wonderfully holy and sacred relationship within the Godhead is what He calls eternal life (John 17:3, I John 1:1-4). He comes to give away the relationship! He comes to give away the fellowship! He comes to give it more abundantly.

The Door and the Pasture

Now the Son becomes the Door for the sheep to enter the pasture (John 10:7). He is the "ladder" between heaven and earth. He is Jacob's ladder (Gen. 28:12). He is the only way to the Father. He is the way into the pasture. But what is the pasture? The pasture is the place of rest and feeding. It's the place where the Shepherd leads the sheep to come and eat and drink. Jesus told us that He is our food and drink (John 6:53-58). He is not only the Shepherd, and the Door, He is also the Pasture! He is the place where we go to find food and drink. He is our place of safety and rest.

The Location of the Pasture

Next, we need to ask ourselves where the pasture is located. Is the pasture heaven? Yes. Is the pasture Christ? Yes. Is the pasture Spirit? Yes. Where do all of those things converge into one location? IN YOUR SPIRIT! Yes, dear believer, your human spirit is the place where these things are located (Eph. 1:3, Col. 1:27). Christ lives in you and the heavens are located inside of Christ and this is all made possible because of something called "spirit." His Spirit has become one with your spirit (I Cor. 6:17).

Your Lord is the Door into the Pasture. You can go in and out and find food and drink at any time. The pasture is found only in a place called "spirit." That is where you and I can go at any time to feed and to find rest for our souls. This place is located inside of Christ. This place is located inside of our spirits! How convenient!

Dear reader, the Shepherd has led you to this place. He now beckons you to enter through the Door and feast on Him. This is all within your reach. All you need to do is turn inward to your spirit where your Shepherd is waiting to feed you.

If you would like to learn more about fellowship with an indwelling Christ, then I suggest you get your hands on a copy of a book called "The Temple Within."

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