In speaking to Christians throughout the years, one thing stands out as missing from the Christian scene; purpose. It seems that either we have no real purpose or we have some purpose or agenda other than Godís purpose. This is major, and results in a weak, anemic faith we erroneously call Christendom.

Use or Abuse?

One thing is for sure; if you donít know the purpose for something, you will surely end up abusing it! Please let me explain. If you have been given an object, but donít have any instructions with that object, you will probably use it incorrectly. Apply this idea to a fax machine. Imagine you have never seen one before and knew nothing about it. The purpose is unknown. You might think itís a phone that prints out phone messages or something. The purpose determines the use.

What is Godís purpose? What is the use of the church? Since the mainstream of Christendom is evangelism centered, most Christians think that Godís purpose is to save people so that they can go to heaven. Our purpose is to preach the gospel and get people saved. If we donít know or understand Godís purpose for the church, then we will tend to misuse or abuse the church. If we think that evangelism, healing, miracles, worship, and/or ministry is the purpose of the church, then we will tend to center ourselves on these things.

An Eternal Purpose

There is one problem with this idea; the scriptures say that Godís purpose is an eternal purpose. That means that His purpose existed way before sin and the fall of man. An eternal purpose. Before the Garden of Eden, before sin, before the fall. Godís purpose involves something beyond sin and salvation. God had a plan, a purpose, before creation! In fact, His purpose is what motivated Him to create!

Dear believer, how important do you think it is to know His eternal purpose? Could it be that His purpose might have something to do with your purpose for being here? Is His eternal purpose what motivates you?

Itís these kinds of questions that we will attempt to answer in this series of articles dealing with Godís eternal purpose.

His Purpose Ė My Purpose

If we are truly honest with ourselves, we will be willing to admit that most of us donít really give a hoot about Godís purpose! Come on, letís be real here people! How many times in a day do you really even give it a thought? Most of us donít even know what Godís eternal purpose is, let alone have it as the driving force in our lives!

The Importance of Passion

Before we get into discovering what Godís purpose is, we need to ask ourselves something: "Do we really care?" Do we really care about Godís eternal purpose? And if so, then how much? Is it the thing that drives us? Is it our burning passion?

Sadly, in most cases, the answer will have to be a resounding "NO!" But why? Why donít we care about Godís purpose? The answer is obvious. The reason we donít care about Godís purpose is that we have our own purpose! Yes, we all have our own agendas, and these agendas are the replacements we allow in our lives for Godís agenda. You mean, God has His own agenda? He sure does! And it isnít to save the world! But do you really want to know His purpose? If so, then you will need to ask Him to reveal it to you. But be careful what you ask for. It may radically change your life!

You see, brothers and sisters, God's eternal purpose is the passion of His heart. It's the thing that drives Him! His heart throb, His glory, HIS OBSESSION! In this hour, we desperately need to rediscover His purpose so that we can flow with this Great Obsession.

"For all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose."

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