The Secret

Interestingly enough, the scriptures never really come out and openly declare the eternal purpose of God. It seems that He keeps it somewhat of a secret. This secret is kept for the seekers only. This secret is for those who have the heart to go digging for gold. But He does drop us some hints along the way.

Remember, this secret is like treasure buried in a field. You're gonna have to go digging. The treasure will cost you everything. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal this secret to you.

Some Hints

Actually, all of the scriptures speak of God's eternal purpose, though usually this is veiled. There are, however, three sections of scripture that give us the clearest direction. These are; the very beginning, the very end, and the life of the Lord Jesus while here on earth.

Remember that God's purpose is an eternal purpose. It existed way before sin, the fall, and redemption.

So it stands to reason that we should look into the sections of scripture that show what God did before the fall of man. This would be Genesis 1 & 2. Also Revelation 21 & 22 deal with matters after sin has been put away. These 4 chapters give us many "hints" about God's eternal purpose. Incidentally, these two sections are remarkably similar! They both speak of the following: life, the tree of life, fellowship, union, male & female, marriage, wedding, walking together, and fellowship.

We won't really have time in these articles to get into Gen. 1 & 2 and Rev. 21 & 22 so instead, we are going to look at the Lord Jesus' life on the earth.

The Passion of Christ

While here on earth, your Lord was driven by a passion. He had something that was burning in His bosom. Something that was so strong in Him that sometimes it even made Him appear irrational. It was what motivated Him to come to earth in the first place. This same passion motivated Him to do everything He did and say everything He said. It was so part of Him and so permeated everything about Him that we often have overlooked it.

Was it evangelism? Was His main passion and motivation to save people? Was it to heal? Or perform miracles? Hardly! Remember, He had this great obsession within Him before creation!


Look at those scriptures again. This purpose dripped from everything He said and did. In fact, He even said that it was the Father doing these things in Him! You could even say that it was the Father in Christ that was moving Him to fulfill His own purpose! In other words: Jesus' purpose was to fulfill the purpose of the Father. But what, dear believer, is the purpose of the Father?

The Purpose of the Father

There is one incident that, more than any other, gives us a clear picture of the thing that burned in your Lord for the Father. Do you remember one of those times in the Lord's life when He appeared to be out of control? Remember when he seemed to lose it? It was when He was in the Temple and threw over the tables of the money changers. Boy, did He ever get upset about that! But why? Was it because He cared so much about the Jewish Temple? No but He did care about what the Temple stood for. The Jewish Temple was only a picture or shadow of something much deeper that pulsated deep within the heart of the Father.

"Then the disciples remembered that it was written; Zeal for the Father's House has consumed Me."

The Father's House

You see, dear saints, the Temple was only a shadow of the Father's House. And it was a passion for the Father's House that consumed your Lord! This "house" was something that was in the heart of God before creation. In fact, this passion was in His heart before there was anything!

Now think back to Genesis 1 & 2. What do we see there? A garden, life, a tree, a man, a woman, a marriage, two becoming one, fellowship. Are things just perhaps starting to come into focus for you? Are you starting to see (even though it's blurry) the passion of the Father?

These things are the elements or ingredients of the Father's House. In the next article we will take a closer look inside this House.

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