"As the loving Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me" (John 6:57).

"I came forth from the Father and have come into the world. Again, I leave the world and go to the Father" (John 16:28).

"No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten Son, Who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him" (John 1:18).

Brothers and sisters, I would like to take you on a journey. Let's go back in time before you were born into this world. Before there was a country called America. Before there were any nations. Before there were any people, animals, plants or earth. Before creation. Before there was a physical universe and before there was a spiritual universe. Before there was time and space. Before there was anything ... but God! Are you there with me? There is only God ... He is the All! Now what was happening inside of the Living God before eternity? What were the members of the Godhead doing? Is there any way to know? Are we even supposed to know? Are these things secret mysteries which are forbidden to be known by mere mortals?

The Perfect Relationship Revealed

The Lord Jesus shared many "hints" with His disciples about the fellowship that was happening before time and creation. I declare to you that not only is it vitally important that you know these things, but it is also crucial to your personal fellowship with the Lord! Jesus told us in John 6:57 (quoted above) that the Father is life to Him. Then He said that whoever would feed on Him (Jesus) would take the Son as his life. In other words, as the Son is to the Father, so are you to the Son! This is tremendous! Our relationship with the Son is based upon His relationship with the Father! You see there is actually only one real relationship that exists in all of creation. It is the relationship between the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit. All other true relationships are based on this one! Before time and creation there was a relationship, the first relationship. Within this relationship there was activity, the activity that makes up the fellowship of the Godhead. This fellowship is the basis for the Perfect Model for your individual walk with God and our corporate walk with God as the Church. Let's take a look at the activity happening inside of the Godhead. This is the most sacred thing a believer will ever know!

The Originator of All Things

Each member of the Godhead has a unique and distinct personality. Each member also has (for lack of a better term) a function or role within the fellowship. In general, we could say that the Father is the giver, the Son is the receiver, and the Holy Spirit is the One Who performs the transfer from Father to Son.

First we need to see the Father as the Originator. All things flow from the Father. That's why He is called the Father. All life begins and flows out of Him. In Him is the seed of life. Of course, these things are beyond our ability to comprehend intellectually. Let me say this, the Son Himself even flows from the Father! It's not that the Son came after the Father. The Son has always been, just like the Father and the Spirit have always been. Nevertheless, the Son flows out from the Father. That is why He is called the only begotten Son of God. This term "only begotten" does not mean that at some time He became the Son. He has always been the Son and He has always been in the bosom of the Father! But He still flows out from the Father. That is, He continually is being brought forth out of the Father. He is eternally being begotten! Like I said, this can only be understood by revelation.

The Father's Life

Jesus said that He lived by means of the life of His Father (John 6:57). He did not live by His own life but rather by His Father's life. Here we can see one of the activities within the fellowship of the Godhead: the flow of life from the Father to the Son.

The Father takes all of His life and freely gives it to the Son. Without reservation, without hesitation, without any fear of losing, without conditions, life flows out from the Father to the Son like a mighty rushing river. In fact, I believe that the picture (or image) we see in scripture of this flow of life is called the river of life. All that the Father is He freely gives to the Son. The Holy Spirit is the One Who transfers this life from the Father to the Son. It all takes place through the Holy Spirit. The Father and the Son are One! The Son's thought, consciousness, feeling, will, and life itself all comes from the Father. The Son thinks the Father's thoughts, speaks the Father's words, and does the Father's works. Yet the Son retains His own distinct personality.

Three in One

We need to understand that the three members of the Godhead all have their own distinct personalities. This means that they each have a will, the power to choose. The Father chooses to give His life to the Son. The Son chooses to receive that life and then to live by that life. If there is no choice, then there can be no love! Love is only exchanged when there is a giving of life. You could say that life is the container for love. Life must be given away in order for true love to be dispensed. Choice is crucial to the success of this transfer of life. The Son not only chose to receive the Father's life, He also chose to live by that life. He said, "I can of Myself do nothing!" The Father is "the Bread of Life" to the Son! He said, "the works are not mine, the words are not mine but are my Father's."

Not only does the Son receive the Father's life and then live by that life, He also chooses to return that life back to the Father! The Son's desire is to glorify the Father. The Father's desire is to glorify the Son. Part of the definition of the word "glorify" means to magnify or you could say "multiply the vision of". The Son multiplies the vision of the Father by receiving His life, living by that life, and then giving that same life back to Him. Somehow in this flow of life, the intensity and power of the life is increased. Perhaps the same way that momentum is gained as a river rushes to the sea.

Life to You

Jesus said, "whoever feeds on Me will live because of Me" (John 6:57). So you can see that just as the Son lives by the life of the Father, we are to live by the life of the Son! The life of the Son is the same life that comes from the Father! We can participate in the fellowship of the Godhead by beginning to learn how to receive the life of the Father from the Son, and then to live by that same life. Here is your choice: you can life by your own life, or you can live by the life of another. If you choose to live by divine life, then you will glorify the Son!

We need to learn to draw from the life that is within us. This is what Jesus meant when He said, "feed on Me". Learning to "feed" on the Lord is critical to our corporate life together. In the next article, we will take a closer look at "feeding" and how this relates to church life.

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