"Father, I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which You have given Me: for You loved Me before the foundation of the world" (John 17:24).

"As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you: abide in My love" (John 15:9).

"You are my Beloved: in You I am delighted" (Luke 3:22b).

The Love of God

The scriptures tell us that God is love. His very nature, yes even His very substance is love. We are speaking here of divine love. Eternal love. Everlasting love. Yes, even passionate love! We tend to think of passion as an element within the human heart exclusively. But where did passion come from? Is not our God a passionate Lord? What I am speaking of here is divine passion.

If you receive a revelation of Godís eternal purpose, you will see that He is a romantic God! "The two shall become one flesh. But I am speaking of Christ and the Church." (Eph. 5:31.32). You will see that in the beginning He created mankind to be male and female. You will see that He created a marriage, a union, and a oneness. This takes place in Genesis before the Fall. You will also see that in Revelation (21,22) there is also a marriage (and a marriage supper!). the Lamb is to take a Wife! This happens after the Fall. Godís purpose is romantic! He is a romantic God. I am speaking here of the very origins and essence of romance and passion. This is real passion, true passion, and not the perverted thing it has become within the fallen race.

Passionate Love within the Godhead

Jesus said that He loved us with the same love that the Father gave to Him. Just as I shared in the last article about the divine exchange of life between the Father and Son, so divine love is also exchanged and flows between the members of the Godhead. The powerfully passionate love flows out of the Father to the Son. The Son receives this great love of the Father and then flows it back to Him. This divine love flows back and forth from the Father to the Son and from the Son to the Father through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is like the "conduit" that contains and transfers this divine love. This love increases, intensifies, and enlarges within the heart of God. Keep in mind that this great river of love flowing inside of God is incomprehensibly powerful, and growing all the time! I donít have a scripture for this, but I believe it to be true. This great flow of passion within the Godhead creates a kind of "heat". Have you ever heard of the phrase: "in the heat of passion"? This usually has human sexual connotations associated with it, but hear me out for a moment. What if human sexuality was a "picture" in this realm of something happening in the other realm? The "heat" which is generated by the passionate exchange of divine love between the members of the Godhead could actually be the source of light! Think about it. Heat generated light. Could this be the "glory" of God? The glory being the light generated by the "heat" of passion? On the mount of transfiguration Jesus glowed with a white light. It was at the same time that the Father spoke, "this is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased."

Unconditional Love

It is very difficult for us to understand Godís love. This great love has no boundaries or limitations. This great love has no conditions attached. The Father loves the Son unconditionally. The Fatherís love for the Son is not dependent upon the behavior of the son. The Son cannot earn the love of the Father. The Fatherís love is only given by grace. It has nothing to do with merit or behavior. It is only based upon relationship. The Father loves the Son merely because He is His Son! The relationship is everything. The Father gives His love without condition, without limitation, and without hesitation. He doesnít hold back a small portion of His love to keep for Himself. He gives it all away! This is very risky. What if the Son decided not to return the Fatherís love? This thought never even occurs to the Father because His only thought is the glorification of the Son! What a glorious relationship!

The True Worshippers

Sisters and brothers, this gloriously beautiful relationship, this flowing, powerful fellowship of the Godhead is happening right now . . . . inside of you! The Lordís desire is for you to participate in that flow of fellowship all of the time! In John 4 Jesus spoke of the Samaritan woman at the well. He told her that from now on the true worshippers would worship God in spirit and truth (reality). The word for worship here in the Greek is Ďproskuneoí. It is literally translated as to move towards a kiss. Thatís right, a kiss! The true meaning behind worship is romancing your Lord! I bet you never heard that in Bible College!

Please remember that all of this is in the context of Godís purpose: the one new man, the Church. This is not just an individual matter (though it is that as well). This is a Bride making love to her Bridegroom. The Lord said that this would no longer happen in Jerusalem in the temple, but now this would happen in a place called "spirit". That place which is inside of you! We need to learn how to sense our spirits and then how to love the Lord with the love He gives us. This is true worship. This happens in our spirits.

A Beginning

I would like to ask you to do something tomorrow morning. This will help you to begin to use your spirit. Tomorrow morning, before you get out of bed I want you to do something very simple. As soon as you realize that you are awake, then turn your heart to the Lord and gently speak out His name. Donít pray. Donít praise. Donít even really think. Just speak His name and gently turn all of your being to the Lord. Hold your focus on Him for as long as you can. This wonít be very long! Maybe a few seconds. Your mind will begin to wander almost immediately. Gently pull your mind back to the Lord. Each time your mind wanders, gently pull it back to Him. If it helps, speak out His name softly once again. Donít speak more than one or two words. That place that you sense when you pull your being to the Lord is your spirit. Make not of it! Learn to know that place. That place is where He wants to meet with you to have fellowship. Donít worry if you donít "feel" anything. It takes time. Try this little "exercise" each morning for the next week or so. Let me know how itís going. Send me an email. Weíre here to help.

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