"Father, I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which You have given Me: for You loved Me before the foundation of the world."

"But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord" (2 Corinthians 3:18).


Another one of the elements involved in the fellowship of the Godhead is beholding. The word "beholding" in the original language is a very rich word. Beholding is an intense gazing at something or someone. It actually means to be-hold; to take the vision of something and then hold that vision within your being. It is a continuous action verb. The beholding is constant, deep, and enduring. It involves deep personal feeling.

With these things in mind let me share with you that the Father is always beholding the Son. The Son is always beholding the Father. In fact, the Son receives the beholding of the Father and then beholds the Father beholding Him! How can I explain that? I really can't! It must suffice for me to say that there is a constant flow of beholding that is happening within the Godhead. That beholding is intense. It is constant, and it is very deep. You could say that the Father only has eyes for the Son and the Son only has eyes for the Father! The Father has "tunnel" vision! All He sees is the Son. Reverently speaking, the Father is obsessed with the Son. His whole delight is found within the Son. The Father does not delight Himself with Himself. He delights Himself in the Son! His delight is found in another. This, saints, is tremendous! The only comparison in this realm that I can think of is two starry eyed lovers who just can't take their eyes off of one another. Of course, this illustration really pales in the light of the beholding within the Godhead!

Our Beholding

In John 17 Jesus prayed that we would be able to behold His glory which the Father had given Him. Then Paul tells us that by beholding the Lord we can be transformed from glory to glory. In Ephesians he prayed that the "eyes" of their understanding would be opened so that they would have a spirit of wisdom and revelation (seeing) in the (experiential) knowledge of Him. Seeing is everything. We need to be able to see the Lord. We can only see Him if we look at Him! You can only see these things which you look at. We need to learn to see the Lord within our spirits. Christ lives in us. We can use the eyes of our spirits to see (or behold) Him. Why don't you stop reading this article right now to see your Lord? Close your eyes and turn the "eyes" of your spirit to Him Who lives within. Don't try and conjure up a mental image of Him in your mind. Just turn your eyes to Him by a simple act of faith. Try it right now and then continue reading.

Did you try it? No? Shame on you! Go try it! What happened? Did you see Him? Most of you probably didn't see a thing and you think I'm nuts! I'm not speaking of visualization or some occultic vision. I'm speaking here of beholding the Lord. The reason you probably didn't see Him is because beholding is a different kind of "seeing" then you are used to. You cannot see Him like you see physical things with your physical eyes. With those eyes you simply open up youeyelids and start seeing things. Not so in your spirit! There you must look for Him or "seek" Him in order to see Him. Perhaps many of you have seen those 3D posters that were out in the stores a few years ago. At first glance, all that you see is a bunch of weird looking colors. As you begin to stare inside of the picture (instead of at it) you see a form take place in 3D. This is like beholding Him. It is a different kind of seeing. If you will press in and continue to turn your spiritual eyes to Him, you will learn to behold Him!

Corporate Beholding

In II Cor. 3:18 Paul said, "But we all" All the saints behold Him together! This is something we not only do individually, but also corporately as the Church. Let me tell you something brothers and sisters; the only way that you will ever truly love the brethren is by beholding the Lord in them! If you look at the flesh, it you look at them in the natural, you will never be able to love them. Paul said that he knew no man after the flesh. We desperately need to see Christ in our brothers and sisters. Christ lives in your spouse, can you see Him in there? When you look into the eyes of your wife can you see the Lord? This is crucial to church life. There is a mirror withinyour s pirit. That mirror doesn't reflect you, it reflects Christ! Look into your mirror to see your Lord. Look into your brother's mirror to see the Lord!

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