One day, I was spending some time alone with the Lord when I received what I guess you could call a vision. I don't get those very often so I thought I would share it with you.

Sometimes, when you stare at an object for a while, and then close your eyes, you can still see the outline of the object even though your eyes are closed. Well, in my quiet time with the Lord, I closed my eyes and saw something that I had not been staring at! I saw a fleet of sailboats.

The sailboats were all sailing in one direction on the ocean and it was a beautiful day out at sea. All of a sudden, the boat in the lead took a nose dive and quickly sank into the water. Wow, I thought, what is this? Then another sailboat did the same thing. Then another, and another. I just had to find out what was going on here.

So I dove into the water to see what was going on below the surface. I could see the bottoms of the boats sailing by when suddenly one was submerged and at first it looked like the same sailboat. But, as it sank down, it transformed into a submarine! Then, the submarine navigated further into the depths of the abyss and I lost sight of it.

As I was brought back up out of the water, I heard Someone speak to me. "I am not interested in you just floating on the surface. It's not about you just skimming the surface and sailing by. I want you to dive down into the depths. Of Me! Deeper and deeper, and deeper. I'm not satisfied with you on the surface. I want you to become a submarine!"

Then, I was taken to a close-up look at one of those sailboats. I could see the crew on board frantically moving about. As the scene became clearer, I could see that the hull of the boat was filling up with water and the crew was frantically trying to bale out the water with buckets. There was about three feet of water and the level was rising. Buckets and buckets of water were being thrown overboard.

Then the Voice spoke again:

"The sailboat is your life. I have punctured a hole in the bottom of your boat. My desire is that you sink! Deeper and deeper into Me. But you keep trying to bale out all of the water."

"You are afraid of sinking!"

"You are afraid of losing your life. But there is no need to worry. I have already done the work. I have already taken care of everything. Let yourself sink into Me. Let yourself turn into a submarine!"

"There is a whole world for you to explore down in the depths. And that world is full of life. But you cannot explore that world with a sailboat. That's the wrong equipment! Your mind, will, and emotions cannot equip you for this journey. You need your spirit. You need a submarine!"

Then I understood the vision. I was afraid of sinking because I thought that I would end up a shipwreck on the bottom of the ocean. I was still using my mind to understand these things.

Then the Voice spoke again:

"There is no bottom in Me!"

Then I understood that I had used many different kinds of "buckets" in the past to try and save my life. My ship was sinking and I was frantically trying to save my ship. I didn't know that my "sailboat" was supposed to sink! No one had ever told me this.

I tried to implement many techniques to save my sinking boat. This hole in the bottom was a real problem. How could I solve this problem? Perhaps I could repair the hull with a patch. I tried to glue it together but it just wouldn't stick. I kept trying with different sized patches and stronger glue to no avail. Fixing myself just wasn't working!

Then I brought in other people to help fix the boat. People could clearly see that my boat needed repairing and they wanted to help. We even had sessions together where a group of people would all bail out water with their buckets together. But the water just kept rising. Nothing seemed to work. Nothing seemed to help.

Then . . . Someone came to me and told me that my sailboat was supposed to sink! In fact, they told me that my sailboat had already sunk and I was in denial. I needed to recognize the fact that it was already an established fact. My sailboat was history.

I was crucified with Christ!

Now, it was all about the depths of the ocean. I am no longer a sailboat that is sinking. I am a submarine. And I am diving deeper and deeper into Him. Beneath the surface, everything is quiet and peaceful. I can sink down into complete rest. Though it is quiet, it is also full of life. There are endless places to explore and His depths are unfathomable. The depths within me call unto the depths within Him. The ocean and the submarine are one. I will spend the rest of eternity exploring the depths of this ocean and discovering all the new life within.

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