"The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and hid; and from joy over it he goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field.

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding a pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had, and bought it."     Matthew 13:44 - 46

The Society of Man and God's Solution

First of all, I suggest that you read Part I and Part II of this article if you haven't already done so. In Part I we saw the "society" that God wanted to have and His whole purpose for creating in the first place. We saw His purpose and goal for creating man in His own image; a race that would be a corporate man containing, and living by, the life of God.

In Part II we saw how man chose to go his own way; the way of independence, separation, and self. This caused him to be ashamed, hide himself from God, and cover himself with fig leaves. This was the beginning of something I called The Society of Man.

Well, we can thank Him that He never gave up on us! He gave up on the Society of Man but He never gave up on man. He never gave up on accomplishing and fulfilling His great purpose to have His own Society that would bear His image. Remember, it could only be a "society" that could bear His image, not separate individuals. That's because of the very nature of God Himself being a community of three Persons who are one. Also remember that His image would not only reflect His nature and life but it would actually be His nature and life!

But what would He now do with this monstrosity that we are calling the society of man? How would He deal with that? How would He fix that society to line up with what He had in mind? Well, simply put, He wouldn't! God had no intention of trying to repair that society because it was just too far gone. It's interesting that the Society of Man has been trying to repair itself for centuries and yet God's solution is far removed from any "fix it" program. God's solution was not to somehow repair this fallen society, but instead to destroy it! This old creation had to be done away with in older for anew creation to come forth. The Society of Man had to go and the Society of God needed to break through into the world. This is what the cross is all about. I realize that you and I normally think of the cross in relationship to our own individual salvation and certainly that is part of it. But that's because of our fallen, individualistic minds. We tend to separate, divide, and make everything about us as individuals. But from God's viewpoint, the cross is all about one society being demolished and another being born.

The First Born of the New Society

God sent His own Son into the world to be the "prototype" of this new society. Of course, He was much more than just the prototype or example of what this society would look like. He came to be the actual Life of this society! This society was to be the image of God restored. Not just a reflection or "photograph" of God, but the actual life of God expressed through a living temple.

On the cross, Jesus Christ did away with the old race of Adam. That old man (Adam) was crucified with Christ. He took the Society of Man and nailed it to the cross. He never initiated a "fix-it" program to somehow repair this broken society. He crucified it! That society could never be His image because it could not contain His life. But He sent a Man, who contained His life, to be the second Adam. This second Adam would usher in a whole new race, a whole new species, a whole new society that would contain and express the life of God. This society would exist inside of the second Adam, and the second Adam would live inside of them. They would be one. This second Adam has done what the first Adam never did; He has eaten of the Tree of Life. In fact, He is the Tree of Life! The Father's plan was that all of those in this new society would not only live inside of the second Adam, but they would also live on this second Adam. They would take Him as their food; they would eat from Him as their Tree of Life.

The Society that Feeds

We all know that if you eat the fruit from a tree that you are eating the whole tree. How so? Because each piece of fruit contains the complete life of the tree within it. Each piece of fruit contains seeds! Each seed contains the whole life of the tree. Each tiny seed can become a whole tree from within itself. Each new tree will bear more fruit.

This new society of God was destined to eat of the Tree of Life, but not only for its own sake. This one new man would eat the fruit and the fruit within Him would bring forth more life. Life would bring forth life and new trees would spring forth out of Him to go out into the world and feed many. This would all be the life of the second Adam going forth into the world through His new society.

The Society on Earth

The Father sent His Son for the purpose of bringing this new society (or kingdom) and establishing it on the earth. The society is already established in the heavens because this kingdom is the kingdom "of God." The foundation of the society is God Himself. As we saw in the first part of this article, the kingdom is built upon the relationship which exists in the Godhead. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit exist as a loving community, sharing the same life and constantly giving that life to one another. This is the fellowship of the Godhead and it is the foundation of everything. In order to bear the image of God, the society of God must contain this same fellowship and relationship among its members.

This society is not primarily about togetherness. We are not together to resolve the problem of loneliness and separation in the world. The point of this society is Christ! God's purpose is not that our personal needs would be met. His purpose is that the fullness of Christ would be expressed through this society. This togetherness and meeting of our needs is a "by-product" of us coming together to fulfill His purpose. The society is not a club that just meets together once per week. The society is a community that shares a common Life on a moment to moment basis. Does the Godhead meet once a week and then live out their own separate lives the rest of the week? Going to a meeting once per week does not a community make!

We are talking about more than a community here. We are talking more than a society here. We are talking about the actual, living, breathing Body of Christ!

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