The reason that we do not have very much activity which is Christ-centered happening in the church today is because we do not know how to touch Him Who is our Center! We have overlooked several important facts in our attempts to have contact with Him.

He lives inside of us! Paul said that this was a mystery; Christ in you, the hope of glory! When we seek to fellowship with Him we need to turn inward, NOT outward! He is not floating around in outer space somewhere. He lives right there within your spirit!

You cannot fellowship with Him in this physical realm. He has prepared a special place for you to meet with Him. That place is called spirit. There is no space or time or dimension in this place of spirit. Jesus said that this realm is within us and that it is there that we must worship God.

Besides having a spirit, we also have a soul. It is a struggle to enter the spirit because of the impurities which are in the soul, namely, the self. The self has been overinflated! It wants to control everything. Christ wants His self to be expressed through you, but your self will not yield. Your self-life gets in the way of your having deep fellowship with Him.

The Cross

This is where pain and suffering come in! God allows suffering into your life in order to deal with the unbridled self. Christ cannot be expressed freely without the cross being applied to the self-life.

Your job is simply to yield to the dealings of God! This is a process which takes a lifetime as Christ is formed within you. Remember . . . He is the strongest when you are the weakest!

Into the Center
God is like a magnet! This is what Jeanne Guyon called "the law of central tendency". The magnetic core (center) of the earth draws all objects with a force we call gravity. So God draws us to the center of our beings where He dwells! As you learn to hold your soul (the mind, will, emotions) in your spirit, you will find that the Lord is there drawing you closer and closer to Himself.

He is your center. He lives in your innermost being. Learn to turn there to get to know Him.

If you decide to embark upon the journey of a deeper walk with the Lord, you will discover something right away; IT'S NOT EASY! An endless amount of distraction will come your way which will interrupt your focusing on Christ. Your own wandering mind is your biggest distraction! (Let me interject something at this point.) What I am speaking of here is learning to have deep fellowship with you Lord within your spirit. This is not prayer! This is not bible study! This is not worship! This is the constant fellowship that Jesus Christ had with the Father while He was here on earth. In fact, He is still having this fellowship through the Holy Spirit right now in you!

God is calling us to the depths! He is calling us to that "secret place". There, in that quiet temple within your spirit, your Lord is waiting to share all of His riches with you!

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