Starting Organic Churches

A Short and Simple Guide for the Newbie

NEW by Milt Rodriguez!

Milt Rodriguez and his wife Mary have been starting and planting organic expressions of this community since 1990. They have learned much through trial and error, making a ton of mistakes, and yet never giving up. In this ebook, Milt will share with you how to start such groups of Christians. Written both as a spiritual and a practical guide, Milt will share with you his knowledge and experience. If you have longing to experience this kind of life and want to help start new groups that have a much better chance of making it towards that goal, then this is the book for you!

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The Gathering

NEW from Milt and Mary Rodriguez!

Our story follows the journey of ten of these heretics who dare to place Christ and His church at the center of their lives. God calls these out of different situations and organizations by the use of dreams. He is using these dreams and their interaction with one another to transform their lives. This journey becomes very dangerous as they must elude the powerful U.C.M. to arrive at the goal of their dreams...The Gathering.
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New Day

NEW from Milt Rodriguez!

New Day is a book about the newness of our Christ. His new creation, new humanity, new covenant, new commandment, new law, new wineskin, new Jerusalem, and much more are explored and discovered in a new and fresh way. The narrative reads as a letter from Jesus Christ to us sharing all that He is and all that He has accomplished. This first person style makes the text come alive, is more personal, and more impacting than the standard teaching style. It is written as a letter from the Lord Jesus to you individually and corporately.
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Christ in 3-D

Available in ebook only


The glorious Christ presented in a unique way. Follow Milt to the heights and depths of this limitless Christ. Learn to see Him through new eyes and increase your depth perception! Milt uses the incredibly rich letter to the Ephesians to explore the stature and the fullness of Christ.
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Return to the Wild   (New!)

"An Allegory of the Journey from Institutional to Organic Church Life"

by Mary Rodriguez

The question that is begging to be asked is; how do we learn to live by the same life that those people lived by in the record of the New Testament? The question is not, what did they do so we can copy it? But rather, how did they live? We are all accustomed to performance based religion and yet changing what we do will never bring about true body life. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than that.
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The Community Life of God:

Seeing the Godhead As the Model for All Relationships

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The headwaters for all church life and form is the community life of the Father, Son, and Spirit. This is both theological and practical. The corporate life that God lives by (eternal life) is the same life that He gives to us. This is a life of loving one another and Jesus said that it comes from heaven (see John 17). This community life is both the engine and the fuel for our lives together as believers.
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The Butterfly in You:

Discovering Your True Identity in Christ

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There exists an altogether other realm. A realm that is completely different from this one. And it is only there that you can discover your true identity. Even though this is a place, it is even more so a Person. A very unique Person. I am speaking of the Person of Jesus Christ! It is only there that you will find out who you are. Milt Rodriguez takes you on a scriptural journey to help you discover what God says about yourself. This will be an adventure that you will never forget!
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The Temple Within:

Fellowship with an Indwelling Christ

Now Back in Print!

Today's Christianity has some serious weaknesses, but none greater than our lack of depth in knowing Christ Himself. We know many things; doctrines, teachings, and theological systems abound! We know the scriptures through and through but do we really know the One who is the living Word of God? Milt Rodriguez takes us on a journey through the scriptures using one particular vehicle: the Temple of God. He shows us how the physical Temple is only a picture of something much greater, deeper, and higher. The Temple is a picture of Christ and this Christ lives within every true believer.
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The Coat of Many Colors

Now Back in Print!

The eternal purpose of God beautifully described by using the Old Testament story of Joseph's coat of many colors. You will be presented with a simple explanation of God's plan and purpose for creation and the Church. What motivated God to create? You will see yourself in a completely new light as a believer, one who has been chosen before time. You will be able to see the beautiful description of the relationship between Christ and His beloved bride. What is your inheritance in Christ? See the glorious destiny that we all have access to as believers! Witness the absolutely breathtaking relationship between the Father and the Son!
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The Mystery of God

Christ All and in All

Now Back in Print!

by Manfred Haller

See the Wonder and Glory of God's Eternal Purpose! There has never been a great deal of Christ-centered ministry. In the early 1900's T. Austin Sparks of England did center his entire ministry on the Lord Jesus Christ. Today such a testimony to the centrality of Christ comes from Adliswil, Switerzerland in Manfred Haller's first-ever book in English, The Mystery of God: Christ All and in All (formerly God's Goal . . . Christ as All in All).
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The Priesthood of All Believers:

1st Century Church Life in the 21st Century

This book is only available as an ebook

Jesus told us that men do not put new wine into old wineskins because the wineskin will burst and the wine will pour out and be wasted.

In this revolutionary book, Milt Rodriguez has us take a new look at both the wine and the wineskin. The dynamic life of God’s own Son cannot be contained within the rigid walls of the religious system. Milt pulls back the scales from our eyes to enable us to see God’s eternal purpose and goal. Then he uses the picture of the priesthood to show us the difference between the levitical priesthood and the eternal priesthood of Melchizedek. The order of Melchizedek operates by the power of an endless life! Life always determines form.
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The Organic Church

A Great Tool to Use to Introduce People to Organic Church!
This ten page booklet is a great way to introduce people to the idea of organic house church.

The booklet takes the approach of, "This is what we did", why not check it out. If you have people who are interested in meeting in a more biblical way that is based upon life instead of man-made programs, this may be the book for them. Perhaps you have some friends or coworkers who have left the institutional church or are unbelievers and you have been talking to them about organic church. This is the perfect tool to leave with them for further consideration. This book is only available in ebook form. You can download it below and make as many copies as you like!
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