The Butterfly in You:

"Discovering Your True Identity in Christ"

All over the world, the human drama is expressing on common need; the discovery of identity and purpose. The age old questions: "Who am I"? and "Why am I here"? are resounding louder than ever before. The quest for personal identity has grown exponentially to desparation levels. The cry is loud and clear: "I must know and experience reality!"

The answers to these cries have been much less than satisfactory. The philosophical and religious solutions have been weighed and found wanting. Science is beginning to open up to the realm of possibilities, but because of the old scientific mindset, they still think in terms of energy and the power of the human brain. How limited!

But there exists an altogether other realm. A realm that is completely different from this one. And it is only there that you can discover your true identity. Even though this is a place, it is even more so a Person. A very unique Person. I am speaking of the Person of Jesus Christ! It is only there that you will find out who you are.

Milt Rodriguez takes you on a scriptural journey to help you discover what God says about yourself. This will be an adventure that you will never forget!

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