Below you will find newly released books by our own authors and others. Of course, we recommend these books to you and feel that they would greatly help you in your journey to know and experience this glorious Christ. You may want to get some of these books for your own edification and/or your group.

The newest release from The Rebuilders


Starting Organic Churches

A Short and Simple Guide for the Newbie

by Milt Rodriguez

Milt Rodriguez and his wife Mary have been starting and planting organic expressions of this community since 1990. They have learned much through trial and error, making a ton of mistakes, and yet never giving up. In this ebook, Milt will share with you how to start such groups of Christians. Written both as a spiritual and a practical guide, Milt will share with you his knowledge and experience. If you have longing to experience this kind of life and want to help start new groups that have a much better chance of making it towards that goal, then this is the book for you!

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