The Priesthood of All Believers:
1st Century Church Life in the 21st Century

Jesus told us that men do not put new wine into old wineskins because the wineskin will burst and the wine will pour out and be wasted.

In this revolutionary book, Milt Rodriguez has us take a new look at both the wine and the wineskin. The dynamic life of Godís own Son cannot be contained within the rigid walls of the religious system. Milt pulls back the scales from our eyes to enable us to see Godís eternal purpose and goal. Then he uses the picture of the priesthood to show us the difference between the levitical priesthood and the eternal priesthood of Melchizedek. The order of Melchizedek operates by the power of an endless life! Life always determines form.

Godís goal is that the fulness of Christ would be expressed through His body. This cannot happen with our present day church practices. A revolution must take place where the centrality of Jesus Christ is supreme and every member of the body functions under His direct headship. Milt shows us how this can be possible in our present day situation. This book will not only shake your thoughts on church life, it will challenge you to take the torch of radical church reform into the 21st century!

"I have finished your book, and I must say, it is excellent! It is so fresh, so pure, true and spiritual, and completely according to Scripture! I have translated the 12th chapter for our brothers and sisters here to read it in German. It is a very timely message even to us here (in Switzerland)! Thank you very much!

Yours, in His unfathomable grace"

Manfred Haller (Author of The Mystery of God: Christ All and in All)

Table of Contents:

  • God's Eternal Purpose
  • The Vessel of God's Purpose
  • What Happened to the Church?
  • The Rise of the Clergy
  • Who is Mechizedek?
  • God's Priestly Nation
  • The Headship of Jesus Christ
  • Servants As Leaders
  • You Are a Priest
  • Priestly Functions
  • Priests to the Nations
  • The Gathering of Priests
  • Kings and Priests Forever
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Priestly Consecration
  • The Secret Place
  • Conclusion

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