Chapter One - New Day

I want you to know, deep down in your spirit, that I have a New Day. This New Day is completely new. In fact, the basic element and essence of this Day is its newness. It is new every morning. It is complete in its newness. And it is always getting newer! Within this New Day there is a seed of newness being born every second. It is complete in newness and yet it is always growing, expanding, and increasing in newness. It is perfectly mature and established and yet this newness is always young.

The morning is a picture of my newness. The morning is the beginning of a new day.

The truth be told…

I AM the New Day!
I AM the bright morning star
I AM morning
I AM the alpha
I AM the beginning

Have you seen this? Have you known this? Have you experienced this?

Every new day begins with a new morning and that is a reminder of me. There is no one before me. I am beginning and I am first. So let me be your beginning. Let me be your morning. Let me be your newness. Enjoy me as your new beginning. Enjoy me as your New Day!

It is darkest right before the dawn. It is also quiet right before the dawn. The light always comes after the quiet. I will come to you as the Light after I come to you as the Quiet. All living things need rest. I am your Rest. Come to me and rest in my quiet. Inside of this quiet place there is found peace and rest. Be still and know that I am God. Quiet is part of the New Day. Quiet is part of the morning. In the quiet I will give you rest for your soul. Do not be afraid of the quiet. Do not be afraid of the dark. I am in the quiet and I am in the dark. My light shines even in the darkness! No darkness can extinguish it. See me in the light. See me in the darkness. And see me in the quiet. Be quick to retreat into your Quiet Fortress. For you will find strength there.

The morning is like a reset for all life.

The morning is fresh. This freshness is seen in the dew on the grass, the cool breeze, and the new song being sung by the birds of the air. These things come down from a higher place, a heavenly place. It's like the dew upon Hermon coming down the mountains of Zion. It all begins in a place called "higher." Then, it flows down to make alive, awaken, and refresh all things. This freshness comes from above. It is not of this earth. It comes from a place completely other. The earth may become old, dry, and barren, but every morning it is renewed. Every morning all things are refreshed. Every day the earth is reborn out from the womb of the morning. Freshness brings vitally needed life.

See me and experience me as your Freshness.

I have always pointed to the east. In days of old I always built my temporary dwelling places with the entrances facing east. This is a picture, a shadow of reality. To enter my house you must enter from the east, the direction of the New Day. The place of the Rising Sun. The source of all light, warmth, direction, and energy. The New Day always begins with the rising sun. What many do not know, and yet I declare it to all in many ways is:

I AM the rising One!

I have not only risen (past tense), I am also still rising. In fact, rising is a part of my very life and nature. I am always rising. I live in perpetual rising. This continual rising gives light and warmth to all things. I am rising itself. And I am rising within you. This rising gives birth to newness inside of you. My newness, freshness, light, and warmth are rising in you.

The daily new sun brings new light.

I AM the light.